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About Us


GinZengTM – Pioneer of Mod American Ginseng Beverage For Better Me.

GinZengTM is the first beverage with genuine American ginseng bites. We craft the product so that it is convenient and accessible without compromising taste, quality and style. Aiming at reviving this ancient hero among young people, we created GinZengTM with three main roots in mind: “Keep it Real , Keep it Good , Keep it Stylish

OUR Philosophy

Keep it Good

  • We believe that a good product should only use the best ingredients; all our American ginseng is imported from Wisconsin, USA, carefully hand-picked and sliced by experts.


Keep it Real

  • We believe American ginseng is best in its purest form; all our drinks contain min 1,000mg of American ginseng bites with all natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives.


Keep it Stylish

  • We pair up the ancient hero with exciting ingredients such as rose and goji berry and dress it up in classy outfits for different healthy lifestyles.

GinZeng FAQs

What is American ginseng?

  • American ginseng, or Panax quinquefolius, is an herb discovered in North America in the 17th century. Thanks to the globally connected Roman Catholic Missionaries, American ginseng was soon imported to China and used as a substitute to Chinese/Korean ginseng (For short: Asian Ginseng).

What are the differences between American ginseng and Asian ginseng

  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, both type of ginseng replenish “Qi” (“Qi” represents virtual energy that runs within your body). Yet, there are distinctive differences between the two varieties. Chinese / Korea ginseng promotes “Yang”, a heating effect, whereas American ginseng promotes “Yin” a cooling effect to the body.
  • Excess consumption of fried food and stressful lifestyle have often led to an over-load of heat within the body. The “Yin” (cooling) effect from American ginseng helps maintaining the well being of our body by neutralizing some of the heat within the body.

What are American ginseng’s benefits?

  • Active ingredients found in American ginseng are ginsenosides which are known to carry the following benefits:
    • Boosts immune system
    • Improves vitality and endurance
    • Enhances learning ability
    • Prevents memory loss

How should I drink my GinZengTM drink?

  • You can drink it based on your own preferences! GinZengTM can be served either chill, warm or at room temperature. Don’t forget to enjoy the bites too!

Can I drink my GinZengTM everyday?

  • Yes! GinZengTM is a natural drink that can be consumed everyday, all year round.

Where does your American ginseng come from?

  • One of the founders’ family has 30 years’ experience in the American ginseng industry. All our American ginseng is expertly sourced, handpicked and sliced to ensure top quality and worthy of our drinks.
  • Each bottle of GinZengTM contains a min. of 1000mg of American Ginseng slices imported from Wisconsin, USA.

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